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Nowadays, people become centered in their smartphones for almost everything from email,

taking photos, making some phone calls anytime, so it’s absolutely no surprise that profits of smartphones are increasing. Every year many smartphones are being purchased worldwide compare to classic phones. Even so, while the sales of smartphones are increasing, hence also the number of problems is discovered with these handsets. 

The most frequent smartphone problems may be split in three classes: the connectivity issue, software and app problems and the battery.  Even though issues may seem a devastation particularly when you depend on your smartphone for work. 60% scenarios these problems can be solved within a minute or possibly not even issue at all.

In several cases, the issue is down to your anticipations, instead of problem with the handset itself. When changing from old to the latest smartphone, many people seem to assume greater performance, however this is impractical.

One of the most frequent problems reported with smartphones is the quick drain of the battery. This is actually because it is being compared with the old phone which can last a whole week without charging. Smartphones have a larger screen, Wi-fi and Bluetooth, GPS and many latest features that consuming more energy so basically we barely expect the battery to last long.

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How to a prevent smartphone problems

In order to prevent unwanted issues and help save you to stress of separating your smartphone for a couple of days. Here are some tips that you should know about your smartphone
  • -Turn off unneeded features, smartphones might have host of innovative features, switch off any kind of unnecessary features whenever you’re not using it, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth to save the battery life.
  • -Remove unwanted content like videos, music, photos because they are all taking a huge space into your storage. Make sure to look your phone frequently and remove anything that you don’t need. If the data are important, you can use a third party storage online like Dropbox or Google drive.
  • -If you want your phone to be safe you must be very careful which applications are you downloading. According to some research some applications can place a great desire on the chip or can access to your personal data. When downloading be sure to verify the permissions and app demands before installing it.
  • -Always close the applications right after use. Maintaining application working when you are not using it might drain the battery quickly and may cause the smartphone gradual response.
  • -Must understand the settings, before jumping into conclusions about what is the problem with your phone, look first the settings and make sure nothing is switched on or off. 

Numerous phone providers today have the technology to offer in store and also diagnosis, and repair for almost all types of smartphone problems.

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