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Fake mobile phones can cause great hazards of brain ailments. Selling of fake mobile

phones continues in several parts on the country, because of this, IT experts and Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) gave warning.

An official from the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) said, “We have reports of fake mobiles being sold in the country and our teams confiscate them on a regular basis.”

Copy of Samsung’s model like Grand, Note Series such as the Edge can be bought from R075 to R0100. These fake mobile phone usually sold at small outlets. The minor difference in size, display et cannot be seen by an untrained eyes.

TRA has circulated an SMS that gives warning to people about these phones as they are health hazards.

A TRA official said, “We have received some complaints about such fake phones. They pose a severe threat to health.”

Fake phones are not capable to control radiation because they are made of cheap materials.

Dr Sandeep D’Souza, medical director of Al Hayat International Hospital in Ghubra, said, “Radiation levels from fake mobile phones are much higher, which cannot be tolerated by the body. The radiation can affect the brain. Moreover, they can explode while charging and in extreme temperatures.”
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Nadra al Amri, IT security consultant at Protiviti, said, “The major issue with fake mobile phones is that they they’re not tested for compliance with industry safety standards and even worse, they’re mostly manufactured from cheap materials and some contain harmful levels of dangerous elements such as lead. “We have also heard of mobile phone batteries exploding.  This is due to flaws in the design or assembly of their batteries. There are also other poor features associated with fake mobile phones. They usually have inoperable speakers, low-resolution camera and slow and old processors that result in very poor network connectivity. The public should be well aware and only purchase approved devices which comply with European standards to safeguard their health.”

Sangeetha Sridhar, eGovernment consultant, Information Technology Authority, added, "In a cost-conscious market it is tough to control the proliferation of duplicate devices that come with very low price tags. But when spurious devices are sold as originals, it is time for authorities such as TRA and PACP to do the needful in terms of actions and awareness to protect the mobile user.

“Duplicate devices are made up of cheap components, sensors and power circuits. Sensors may not cut off circuits at dangerous operational levels. Components made of cheap plastics emanate unhealthy chemicals when heated up. Batteries may also blow up randomly. Performance such as signal range may be affected.”

That is the big threat in buying fake mobile phones, For getting a very cheap phone with a high risk to your health better think again

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