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Nowadays Mobile phones are important and used to communicate over a long distances 
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without wires. It works by communicating with nearby base or cell-sites that connects it to the main phone network. As the mobile phones moves around and if the phone gets too far away from the cell-sites it is connected to, that cell sends a message to another cell to tell the new cell to take over the call – this is called the hand off, and the call continue with the new cell is connected to.

Mobile phones are now popular they began to cost money,  some people can afford and some can’t specially in urban places, some of mobile phones now called the smart phones they making voice calls, send and received emails, text and multimedia messages, registering contacts, using calculator, convert currency, alarms, internet, games, taking photos and videos and a lot more.

Back in early 50’s mobile phones are large and heavy compare phones now, and most of them built into the cars in late 20th century, with the help of technology it improved mobiles phones the people could carry it easily – even though Dr. Martin Cooper from Motorola made the first call using mobile phone in 1973, it did now use the type of cellular mobile phone network that we used today.  

The very first mobile phone network created in the late 1970 in Japan. Now almost all urban areas and many countries are covered by mobile phone networks.

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