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Losing a cell phone isn't uncommon factor for anybody nowadays. You'll want heard that 

In lots of nations like United kingdom, there's cell phone database, which could prevent lost or stolen cell phones from getting used on any mobile network, thus these stolen cell phones are useless to anybody. This technique exactly works just like a stolen charge card, if you loose your charge card, you just create a telephone call for your requisite bank to deactivate your charge card. Similar may be the situation with cell phones, you call your merchandise provider and provide them a particular number to deactivate your stolen cell phone. This technique is applicable to both pre-pay and postpaid packages.

Every mobile nowadays includes a unique code known as international mobile equipment identity (IMEI Number). This can be a unique serial quantity of every cell phone. Should you provide this serial number for your network operator, they'll deactivate your stolen cell phone. No-one can make use of your cell phone even when the one who has stolen your mobile, place new sim within the mobile. This mobile is going to be useless for those systems or service companies. All mobile network operators will deactivate or disable the telephone by mention of unique IMEI Number from the cell phone.

Now question is how you can have this IMEI number? The number  usually be located underneath the battery of cell phone (searching something similar to 004400/01/123456/7). There is also the number in the phone software, simply by entering following helpful code. Simply write lower in your cell phone following code: *#6 #  - check mobile world

A 15 digit code can look on screen after pressing send button, or perhaps in some phones it comes down instantly simply by writing * # 6 #. So if you purchase a cell phone, have this code in the battery or just write above code in your phone and obtain IMEI number.

Following this record this 15 digit IMEI number as well as your telephone number in your personal note book, place this book in a rut and that’s it. Now suppose should you lost your phone, create a call for your company and provide them your telephone number which particular key, i.e IMEI number. They'll deactivate your stolen cell phone. You most likely will not get the phone back, but a minimum of you will know whomever stole it cannot use/market it either. If everyone performs this, there be no reason in people stealing cell phones

Remember your cell phone is extremely valuable for you personally. You might have essential data saved inside it. So take proper care of your cell phones. Avoid using your mobile in crowded areas or in which you might feel unsafe. Government is attempting to inspire cell phone companies to provide more choices for enhancing cell phone security.

So don't forget this simple code *#6#. Tell all of your buddies and co-workers to obtain IMEI number with the aid of this code. If many of us simply follow this tip of creating mobile secure, trust me nobody will attempt to steal anyone's cell phone.
the friend or other person forget their phone inside a hotel, vehicle, garden, park. so when she or he goes to get phone, cell phone wasn't there where she or he left it. Now how to proceed in case your cell phone is stolen.

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